18 April 2015

pregnant & pissed off! tips on how to feel like a yummy mummy

I know 9 months carrying a baby can sometimes feel like 9 years. Ive been there twice! You feel invisible, people call you bump instead of your name, baby shopping makes you jealous because your not filling a wardrobe for yourself , it can feel like the end of the world all the time because your shoes don't fit, the intense craving for MnMs is so real you would walk 10 miles to get some and you want to throttle the postman even though hes the loveliest guy ever. You will be you again soon though, I promise. Maybe an even better version of yourself because as they say, when a baby is born a mother is born. And father of course :) It applied to me anyway, my girls make me the person I am today and its an incredibly strange thought of imagining life before them. LIKE WHAT THE FUCK DID I DO ALL DAY? I have 3 minute showers now and have to have coffee in a thermal flask to have it a bit warm. Its a luxury hot coffee these days. Honestly be prepared for your days to feel an hour long. Id much rather have a pamper night to a night out these days as they are like gold dust in this house!.

So here is a list of things Ive compiled that I did during my two pregnancies and some extra feel good factors I could think of. Hopefully it will help make you feel better a bit better today especially if your feeling extra huge, hungry, swollen, aching, emotional, fed up, impatiently waiting for D-day, in pain and just generally more pissed off than usual!

  • Go get your nails done. Either by a friend, your partner (its actually quite funny and a nice bonding moment for the two of you), yourself or at a parlour. New nails used to make me feel invincible. Haircuts were way too much hard work to mess about with! Nails though....fierce!
  • Buy some comfy knickers. Put the lacy things aside a minute, grab some big old full briefs and let it all hang out (or in!) in the undies. I swear to god big Bridget Jones knickers made my day! Sooooo comfortable and remember, you can throw them away after having bubs...the lacy things will be back in action when your feeling you again.
  • Clothes were my enemy. I hated not being in control of my ever changing size so I bought lots and lots and lots...and lots of makeup. I didn't need to be a certain size for it to fit. After playing with it and doing my face up I felt I could go anywhere and do anything afterwards. My clothes didn't fit but my face looked better. It made me feel a million dollars on my really emotional breakdown days!
  • Ignore pregnant people who annoy you with constant pregnancy spam, are having over the top baby showers, gender reveals and generally are irritating you if you don't like that kinda thing. This is your pregnancy, your baby, your body and your time. Celebrate it your own way. I ate my favourite foods, wore big knickers, had nice nails and bought lots of makeup. Make this time relaxing. 
  • Remember this is only temporary. You will be you again. I promise. I know your feet are 3 sizes bigger, you walk with a limp, your bladder is pathetic and you cant see your lady bits at the moment....but it will be worth it.
  • If you want a 14" pizza to yourself, have it. I did. On way too many occasions. If you're healthy eating or overeating who cares? Don't worry about it, people who say you need to eat for 2 annoy me. Eat what you want, stuff them. Ooooh stuffed crust.....
  • Your beautiful.
  • The baby wants that third piece of cake. Honestly.
  • Your amazing.
  • Your doing something utterly wonderful with your body.
  • You are truly blessed. Some women would sell their soul to the devil to be able to have a child. I know its hard at times, but some women really would love to be in your shoes. Piles and all!
  • Your growing a little version of yourself....how amazing is that?
  • Mothers mean well but when all the mothers, grandmothers, aunties, cousins, sisters and anyone who's had a baby in your family are putting their views in on your pregnancy, birth and how to look after your child it can really piss you off and make you question yourself. Just shut off. This is YOUR BABY, YOUR PREGNANCY, YOUR BIRTH. You got this.  
  • Have girly nights in and out with friends! Just avoid drugs and alcohol...obvs.
  • Go baby shopping on your own. I loved that. It was like I was bonding with my little one all by myself and it was our time. We also loved going for a Starbucks at the end just as a little treat for ourselves. Mocha Cookie Crumble Frapuccinos were life! Lola-Rose used to have a good old kick and Betsy-May loved tea and biscuits!
  • I know your partner is getting on your nerves more than usual but they love you and you love them, give them a break. Before long its not going to be just the two of you....love this time. Have takeaways, days in bed playing xbox or watching DVDs, go on lunch dates and date nights. Buy or make them little trinkets and gifts from you just to remember this time. He or she are feeling just as terrified and emotional as you. Just because their not carrying little one doesn't mean it isn't as hard on them, their lives are changing too. 
  • If you've already got children, no matter on their age take them on date days. I used to take Lola-Rose for food somewhere and then afterwards let her pick a treat for herself. When we got home we would have DVDs in bed with lots of munchies. She even talks about it now. She also LOVED having picnics in the living room :) The tiniest things leave the biggest impressions.
  • Stop questioning the kind of parent you ll be. Were all made individually with our own ways and methods. Becoming a parent isn't a class or test we have to take to show were ready or responsible, its one of life's lessons we truly do have to learn. Were all completely new to it and theres no such thing as a "perfect parent". You're baby loves you even if you do put their nappy on backwards.....more than once!
  • Above all be proud of yourself. You deserve it. Your bloody brilliant. YES, YOU!

So just remember its 40 weeks. Only 40 weeks out of many years of your life to come. So embrace the tears, excitement, ups and downs, new experiences, scans, kicks, heartburn. piles, swollen ankles, strange and funny changes, thick hair, longer stronger nails, the constipation, the waddle and the all out emotional roller coaster. You're little one loves you and cant wait to meet you.


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