13 May 2015

mac sized to go pigments haul, review and swatches

When it comes to makeup I generally never go to buy eye products or get excited about them as I'm a total sucker for face things such as foundation, concealer, primer, powder and highlighters and am frantically obsessed with buying lip products. For example if I have one lipstick and fall in love with it, I have to go out and buy the entire line....or I wont sleep for a week knowing someone else might get the last one. But slowly over social media I started to notice everyone using Mac Pigments more and more so I looked into how to use them, what they were for and the reason behind them as they look so pretty when used correctly and are such a different effect to shadow. The thing is you see I have hooded eyes (which I thought all along but was told recently that yes I definitely do) and feel its a waste of time as I always struggle to recreate looks I see on YouTube or Pinterest. There not drastically over my lid but I have to lift my eye to get in the crease and winged liner looks ridiculous! I end up looking like a clown that's had a fight with a panda, crossed with a hungover racoon on acid. So recently I went to my local Mac store in Cardiff with the intention of just getting a Fix+ and some cleansing oil I wanted to try, honestly that was it. That's when at the till these little babies caught my eye. So much so I bought one in the afternoon and went back just before going home to get another two as it bugged me all day I only had one! See, told you I was obsessive.

I love Mac stores as at the front they always have little minis or "to go" products as they call them and surprisingly usually working out better value! Also super handy if you want to try something new but unsure if its worth splashing out on as theres nothing worse than having something you hate but the price makes you keep it! So normal sized pigments are £17 for 4.5g and these are £10 for 2.5g. For someone who hardly does eye looks or uses a lot of eye products I think that's an awesome value especially if like me you want to start experimenting. These will last me for ages aswell as the tiniest amount blends out so much. There almost like little grainy, fine, powdery, beads really strange to explain. I was expecting powdered shadow but their not like that really. I chose the colours Naked, Vanilla and Blue Brown and desperately want the Melon and Rose already. I love them!

(L-R) Vanilla, Blue Brown & Naked

Naked. I caught the sun so bad my skin tone was really warm so I swatched in onto the black of my tattoo so you could see it better. Awesome as a highlighter.

Blue Brown. So much nicer in real life the iridescent tone of blue is so strong.

Vanilla. So pretty!! The tiniest amount blended out makes the glowiest highlighter ever.

All three. In love.

I took multiple shots in different lighting and angles to show how pigmented, dimensional and different the colours can appear. I used Blue Brown. 

I cant recommend these enough and am going to collect them all like the obsessive nutcase I am. Will you be trying these? 


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