6 May 2015

too faced cosmetics haul

Its no secret in my house, I am a Tk Maxx junkie. I love the place. I always find super cute clothes for the girls, toys, quirky things for my house and some beauty treasures for myself. Last week I hit gold, I found Too Faced makeup just sitting there waiting for me. As I was skimming through the boxes of eye liners, powders and lippies Ive never even heard of some pink boxes with familiar curly writing caught my eye. I froze with excitement and felt my belly flip,  I had to take a slow double take....yes...yes...ITS TOO FACED!! I was like a kid being let loose in Toys R Us. I was throwing boxes over my shoulder, scanning each individual shelf, practically re organising the beauty section in Tk Maxx just to find all the pink boxes. I managed to get hold of two Color Bomb lip colours, a Air Buffed BB Creme and a Amazing Face powder foundation. All together costing me £22 ish and a couple of pence. I DIE! Its pretty sad how excited I got over something material but I have always wanted to get hold of some Too Faced but with no idea what to get first.

Now when it comes to foundations and concealers or any liquid/cream based products in Tk Maxx I usually leave them there. As from experience they are usually expired, separated, gone off, oxidised and of no use. However this was perfect, I checked if it had been opened or prodded and it hadn't, thank the lord! Ill be honest though I am unsure how old this product is as makeup does go off and I do think its slightly oxidised as its a lot more orangey than this in real life. I mix it with some Mac Fix+ though and it glides on easier but I do only wear this with a bit of tan...even though its called Vanilla Glow. This cost me £7! Would I buy it again? Actually unsure, id have to check the one I find.

Now this I would buy again and again! Its a dream of a powder foundation and it only cost me £4.70 something odd like that. Its beautiful. The colour is perfect, the finish is lovely, the packaging is cute and for the price its an absolute steal. As usual check how old the box and product look before purchasing you don't want to put old makeup on your mug...not good.

These lippies were the things I was most excited about. I was actually looking at these exact colours in Debenhams at £19 a piece. Nabbed these for £5.99 each!!! I love them. Haven't used them yet but I have been looking at swatches and looks on line with these and instantly wanted them as they have the lip injection formulation in them. Yes, ill definitely be buying more! So will you be heading over to your nearest Tk Maxx to see if you can nab a Too Faced bargain or two?...or three!?


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