I am a PR friendly Blog :)

I will happily recieve complimentary products/samples to review and try out from companies, brands, affiliates, businesses and persons who are looking for bloggers. Please go onto the contact me page of my blog for all up to date contact methods or email me at as I check this regularly throughout the day and will get back asap.

If ever I recieve a gifted item I will always state this in the post with a (*) after the post title and will mention it within the post. I will always give open, honest and unbiased opinions that will always be my own. My thoughts, opinions and experiences will not be forced upon me by anyone other than myself so if I state something is poor or fantastic it will be all my own words. Wether I've bought something myself or not will not affect the outcome. If I think something is rubbish I'll tell you but if I think it will change your life then I'll definately tell you and wont shut up about it.

So if you are a company, franchise, organisation, person or brand wanting to send me anything please preferably contact me through email as we can discuss things in further detail and you can have personal details I will not disclose elsewhere. Thank you very much :)

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