About Me & My Girls

Who am I? -  I'm the Mammy of this blog. My name is Ellie, I'm 25, live in Wales and blog about my little life with my two little girls. On this blog you'll find everything from make-up hauls and reviews, baby hauls, toy reviews, baby item reviews, about our days out, complaints and rants if need be and anything else interesting we'd like to share with you really! I adore music, coffee, makeup, makeup, makeup, buying things I dont need, tattoos, polite happy people and love wearing black & white.

Who is Lola-Rose? - Lola-Rose is my eldest. She was born 19/07/12 at 9.34am after a very speedy, pain relief free (yes totally drug free!!) first delivery. And shes been as impatient and fiery ever since! She loves absolutely everything and anything to do with Minnie Mouse, Barbie, Toy Story and princesses & fairies. She also loves pepperoni, cheese, cucumber, strawberries, Dr Pepper (one of my cravings on her!), DVD's, musicals, playing doctor and shop keeper, singing, having a good tantrum now and then, painting and anything that enables her to be noisy. Sitting still isn't her forte! She also loves shopping for pretty dresses and has to wear one everyday.....diva! Oh she also loves makeup and insists on swatching them to see the colours. No idea who she follows.....

Who is Betsy-May? - Finally making her appearence on the 21/11/14 at 7.24am, on the kitchen floor delivered by her Daddy. No, not a planned home birth at all! She was a bouncy 8lb 11oz and is a little grizzler. Shes had colic, silent reflux, a milk allergy, doesnt like to be put down, needs constant cuddles, wont go to sleep (ever!) and is generally a right madam. Definately dont get two the same! Wouldnt have either of my girls any other way though. Being spirited is the key :)

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