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Images will always be my own and taken myself unless otherwise stated. My images may NOT be used elsewhere unless permission has been granted by myself, especially when concerning my children. If I use an image from the internet I will also make you aware of this and if it causes copyright problems or anything else negitive I will happily remove the image promptly :)

All opinions, thoughts, feelings, posts, text, impressions and reccomendations will always be my own and not influenced from any other sources. I may also use text from a a third party to list ingredients, their description, any facts they have stated or anything else reffering to a product/sample. I will use these sources carefully and as stated like images I will remove any text that causes copyright problems.

My Blog is for entertainment purposes only and the nonsense I write shouldnt be taken literally, professionaly or with any unwanted seriousness. I am a mother writing about her life and inviting you along the way. Thats if you want to read it I wont force you :) You are reading at your own free will, remember that! :)

If something is inaccurate I take full liability, a very busy little girl and a baby does things to your brain! I am in no way a professional or guru I just like to talk, type, live, try new things, rant now and again, let off steam and share things ive discovered. I am not here to brainwash you into anything or influence you.

Im also not responsible for anything affiliates or companies do after you have read my review/reccomendation or experience and purchase an item and have a different experience with them. Its not my fault if they balls something up :)

Just enjoy my posts and much love!

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