17 May 2015

asda younger girls & baby girls spring sale haul

I never seem to hit a sale as it begins or when theres actual tidy clothes left, so imagine how excited I was when the Asda George sale started as I walked in last Thursday. They were loading the lobby with racks and racks of clothes all ages and sizes and I was at it like bees on honey! Considering id just bought a load from Next (most has gone back since then) I had to grab some goodies especially as the weathers breaking and playgroup isn't the best place for Next as she comes home with stains I never knew could exist! So here's the little bargain haul I got for my two growing beauties and it all came to exactly £50! Clothing two children is super expensive so sales to me are dreams come true.

I am so in love with the woodland/floral things I picked up for Lola-Rose and the dress with floral print, it only cost £5! Also the leggings with puppies and kittens are beyond cute and perfect to mix and match with pink, blue, green, floral and multicoloured shoes and tops. I always try to shop in what I call "groups" so their usually the same colours, themes, styles and range as its easier to mix and match which gives them more outfit options and makes their wardrobe's look fresh other than samey. I do this with next. I pick all the same range so it costs me less but as their all similar so I can mix it up totally and always have something to go with something similar. I hate when kids are uncoordinated. I'm far from snobby and usually buy them Asda and Primark but I do always ensure the girls outfits match as it can makes a outfit look so much more than it is. You'd never know most of their wardrobe is Primark!

As usual whatever size Betsy-May is at the time, theres never anything left! Its like everyones baby where I live in the same size the same time. Literally every single time! She already had some blue rose items from Asda so I can mix and match these in with what she already has. I love how cheap they were as currently were weaning and trying different foods which stain her clothes due to rapeseed oil in the baby food. Yay. So do you have any sale tips I should know about and how do you do things when needing to clothe more than one than kiddo? Let me know, id love to hear from you.


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