25 May 2015

primark younger girls summer accessories haul

Lola-Rose is a girl after my own heart. Shes not even three years of age yet but already she loves to accessorise her outfits and make sure all the accessories match each other. I honestly don't know where she gets it from. So the best place I could think of to fit her pocket money budget and that are small enough for her to carry and wear are definitely Primarks Young Dimension range. The quality is amazing, they fit brilliantly and she can chose from so many options. Here's a round up of what we hauled when we popped to Primark last week to finish her big summer clothes shop. Enjoy!

Floral bag - £4

Floral glasses - £1

Floral hat - £4

Floral stretch headband - £1.50

Floral crown headband - £2.50

Floral ear mouse purse - £1.50

This entire haul to keep her styled through the summer so she can mix and match with her summer outfits came to £14.50 considering she had a budget of £15, she was spot on! Bargain buys at its best. Will you be picking up your little lady some pieces this summer? I highly recommend you do as the cuteness overload is too much! 


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